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Whether you are just embarking on the tender bidding process, or you are seasoned in winning bids and managing contracts, Apta Consultancy offers a range of services designed to ensure you continue to achieve results and deliver services that boost your reputation and profits.

Established since 2012, we predominately support companies throughout the London and M25 areas. We have in-depth knowledge of the demands of bid management, procurement and contract management and in ensuring a contract is managed effectively from conception to completion.

Andy PestellOur Managing Director, Andy Pestell, is a former Civil Servant who has previously served the Home Office and several other government departments. In 2012, Andy decided to leave the Civil Service to set up his own business. Andy has over 30 years public sector procurement experience with a track record in Procurement and Contract Management delivery. His key strengths include: Procurement and Contract Management lead on major contracts (up to £350m) with a genuine ability to balance cost and delivery out-comes, ensuring contracts are delivered to plan through the implementation of effective contract management processes.
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Decades of public sector procurement experience

Our trusted advisors offer years of experience in public sector procurement and in Procurement and Contract Management delivery. This experience helps us to effectively balance costs with delivery outcomes to ensure contracts are delivered on time and to the exact specification of the buyer.

We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to your business. Our services help you to build strong business partnerships, sustainable procurement processes that deliver value and an unrivalled reputation within the public sector.

The experts in Bid Management, Procurement and Contract Management

At Apta Consultancy, we understand that bid management and the tender process can be gruelling tasks. Our services help you to systematically and successfully coordinate your bid so that it leads to the best possible outcome for your business. From the moment you engage our services, you can be sure of a dedicated and tailored approach that helps you to win more business and become more profitable as a result.

Bid management, procurement and contract management are processes that can be constantly reviewed and improved, and we will help you to do this. No matter how many bids you may have won, there is always room for improvement somewhere. We will help you to identify these areas so that you can stay ahead of your competitors and keep your reputation firmly intact.

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